Common Questions
Quick info about the Clean Construction project
How were these roads chosen and prioritized?
  • Community dialogues
  • Budget Framework Paper (BFP)
  • Institution Strategic Plan
  • Status and road condition surveys
  • Road function e.g. road reduces traffic jam, connects communities, eases traffic flow etc.
How did you choose the contractors?
  • Advertising- Open international or domestic bidding
  • Evaluation of bidders
  • Obtaining of Solicitor Generals' approval
  • Award and signing of contract
How did you determine the cost of the roads?
  • Carrying out road surveys to determine road alignments and profiles
  • Designing of roads using the MoWT manuals
  • Development of BOQs
  • Soliciting for contractors
  • Determining the Best Evaluated Bidder
What are the components of a road project?
  • Preliminary and general obligations e.g. site establishment, environmental protection and waste, occupational health and safety, HIV/AIDS and gender
  • Drainage structures
  • Earthworks and pavement layers of gravel or crushed stone
  • Bituminous layers and seals
  • Ancillary works
  • Testing of materials and workmanship
  • Street lighting
Who is responsible for supervising the projects?
  • Project manage
  • Contract manager/Project supervisor
  • Consultant (Project Manager’s representative)
How much money has been paid to the contractor or consultant?
  • Advance payment (10%-15% of contract price)
  • Interim payments for admeasured and certified works
  • Provisional sums
  • Retention money
How do you ensure that the works are of good quality?
  • Carrying out quality control tests on materials and works done
  • Continuous monitoring and supervision of works
How long will it take to complete this project?
  • Project duration depends on the scope of works
  • Project duration is the time allocated from the commencement of the works to their completion
  • Defects Liability Period (DLP) is time between the project completion date and the site handover to the client/Employer
What are the types of contracts?
  • Design and build
  • Lump sum
  • Admeasured
What are the types of road maintenance?
  • Routine
  • Periodic
  • Rehabilitation
  • Reconstruction
Where is the money coming from?
  • GOU release
  • URF
  • Donors
  • Loans
Clean Construction

In June 2016, KCCA commissioned the construction of 44.85 Km of roads spread over the five divisions of Kampala. The projects shall be Design update and construction and extended periodic maintenance of roads.

These projects shall be used in the pilot system and it is for these that performance measures and contract management guidelines have been developed for private and public monitoring, transparency and accountability.